Cutting-edge construction

All of our buildings are designed in compliance with anti- construction standards. Our customers can rely on our proven engineering design and development experience, and sole use of certified, top-quality materials

We design our buildings based on a bioclimatic approach that fully exploits natural elements to create energy-efficient buildings that meet the highest thermal comfort requirements

Thermal insulation

We use high R-value rated materials, doors and windows with high-performance insulating glass

Heating and air cooling

High-efficiency systems, guaranteed to greatly reduce energy consumption, as well as management and maintenance costs
Independent climate controls for each housing unit

Controlled mechanical ventilation

Air supply/venting systems to ensure constant air exchange in all rooms
Option to install a heat exchanger of your choice, to pre-heat the incoming air and recover heat from outbound air

Acoustic insulation

Use of high-thickness, laminated glazing with layers of sound insulating film
Sound absorbing walls, flooring and plumbing installed with sound insulating materials